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2003 Rugby World Cup Winner Neil Back MBE Launches Back2Fitness Initiative
6th December 2016

Even for an elite athlete like Champions Celebrity client Neil Back MBE, life comes with its challenges. We all know that, as the years go by, juggling a family and a career means compromises must be made and that certain things inevitably take a backseat.

Unfortunately for gentlemen reaching that time of life, all too often it’s our fitness that takes a hit. And, since hanging up his boots, Neil’s found himself in a similar predicament to thousands of others.

Moving into the fast-paced world of financial services and keeping up with the stream of ambassadorial roles, media commitments and speaking engagements Champions Celebrity secures on his behalf, Neil fell out of the training habit he’d been in for the majority of his life.

But then a chance conversation with his daughter’s Strength & Conditioning coach changed everything.

Sam Yassin told Neil all about a programme he and his nutritional advisor Jack Baker had put together. Designed specifically for men who want to rediscover some of their former glory, the 12 week exercise and dietary programme held an instant appeal. And for Sam, Neil was the perfect guinea pig.

In for a penny, in for a pound, Neil committed to the plan and, within a fortnight, began to feel the benefits. Not only was he shedding the fat but he was putting on lean muscle mass for the first time in years and felt more energised than at any time since his playing days.

In fact, he felt so good that, before he even got anywhere near the end of the programme, Neil lent his full weight to the Back2Fitness brand, which launched yesterday, Monday 5th December, with our sister company Champions (UK) plc providing its trademark branding and communications expertise.

The programme fits around your busy lifestyle and is tailored to your individual body type. The nutritional advice accompanying the exercise programme ensures you get all the macronutrients you need to shape up properly and Gold Members get access to an exclusive library of demo videos shot by the Back2Fitness team.

And for those of us with super busy schedules, you can even arrange for Prep Perfect to deliver meals straight off the pages of the programme and direct to your door.

So, if you’ve put regular exercise on the backburner in recent years or if time’s conspired against your best intentions, it’s never too late to rediscover your old self.

Visit Back2Fitness to learn how you can turn back the clock.