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Stacey Solomon is Mystery Guest in Jet2 Campaign

To celebrate the exciting new launch of Jet2 Villa’s, we took off to Majorca for Jet2’s latest Celeb campaign, ‘Jet2 The Keyhole’.

A play on the popular television show, ‘Through The keyhole’, Jet2’s recent social media competition featured a variety of videos displaying the features of a luxury Jet2 villa, with each video displaying clues to the identity of the mysterious celebrity guest staying in the property at the time.

Comments sections below each video clip were flooded with eager fans anticipating the celebrity identity, in the hopes of winning the competition – the prize for which was a Jet2 villa holiday in one of two resorts in Cyprus.

Jet2 revealed the identity of the mystery guest – Stacey Solomon – on 1 June, in a final video reaching a huge 16,000 views on Facebook alone, revealed Stacey herself from behind a magazine, before excitedly chatting away with presenter Jamie about the features and convenience of the villa holiday.

24 hours later, a post on Jet2’s Facebook page revealed the winners of the event, as well as showing images of the beautiful resorts they will be whisked away to, to enjoy their victory in the sun.

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