Kellie Maloney & Simon Weston OBE X Nationwide

The Brief

Following research that found that 1/10 people who admitted to being lonely are more likely to be susceptible to scams, Nationwide was looking to hire celebrities to aid them in their mental wellbeing campaign. 

The celebrities were commissioned to speak about their mental health and experiences of isolation or loneliness by Nationwide.

Champions Celebrity Talent Agency
Kellie Maloney & Simon Weston OBE for Nationwide

The Delivery

Champions Celebrity Talent Agency selected Kellie Maloney, along with motivational military veteran Simon Weston OBE, to front the Nationwide wellbeing campaign. 

Aiming to raise awareness for people who are struggling with loneliness and isolation, Kellie and Simon both shared their experiences of such emotions - encouraging those who feel lonely to seek company. 

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