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As literary agents, we liaise with publishing houses to source the best book deals, secure ghost writers if required and manage the release and exposure of the completed text, supporting this with a dedicated and strategic public relations campaign. Our innovative approach means that we have the capability and expertise to arrange the entire process from conception to completion and we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients are completely happy with the result.Many of our clients have produced successful autobiographies and other works such as recipe books. We are able to offer full literary agency services that will manage the entire process.



We work to establish strong relationships with a wide range of brands, sourcing opportunities for you to add your name to anything from clothing ranges, product lines, perfume and footwear to something a little bit different. We work with you to strengthen your own brand and adding your name to desirable and prestigious products and services is a great way to achieve this.

Everything we do has been designed to develop and continually raise your public image and we will work to provide you with as many relevant and beneficial options as possible, helping you to choose the right projects for you and providing you with the best opportunities to develop your own brand.



At Champions Celbrity Talent Management, we take care of every part of your career, including if needed, your financial needs. Through our network of qualified, independent advisors we can take the stress out of your everyday life and we are able to manage all of your accounts, tax returns, expenses and budgets, leaving you free to perform at your very best.

Our complete financial guidance service is centred on providing a stress free and opportunity driven lifestyle. We want you to continue to develop your strong public presence and have access to the very best projects. We know the best way to achieve this is to build a clear management plan that allows you to be as flexible as possible, safe in the knowledge that we are able to look after every part of your career, including your finances through our external advisory team.



Crisis and reputation management is a vital part of our services as a leading celebrity agency. Our longstanding connections with the press and media ensure that we are able to influence and manage any information that will be seen by the public and our work consistently monitors and safeguards your reputation.

For high profile individuals, crisis management is sometimes necessary and we remain vigilant and prioritise constant communication to ensure that we are able to manage any circumstances that may have a negative impact on you or your career, negotiating with the press and ensuring that we are able to reposition you for the best possible outcome. Our team is always on hand to work with you, no matter the day or time.

We offer a range of legal services that are available to support and reinforce every aspect of your career, as well as being available should an occasion arise that requires more formal legal intervention.

Our dedication to clients’ reputation and career success means that we are able to provide you with the very best legal services, keeping you informed and ensuring that you feel in control of any challenging situations that may arise. What’s more, we will ensure that all work secured by us is correctly contracted and approved, allowing you to feel as comfortable as possible.