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When it comes to organising a successful broadcast day, content is key – and there is no content quite like a celebrity feature. Drawing in thousands of loyal fans, celebrity appearances have quickly become the go-to for promotional and PR campaigns – but how exactly do you book a celebrity? Well, you have come to the right place.

Broadcast continues to be the most popular forms of media, with 69% of the average daily viewing being attributed to the traditional form of media. With the average viewer watching over three hours a day, there is more than enough screen time to go around!

(Source: Ofcom)

At Champions Celebrity Talent Management, a leading celebrity booking agency, we have spent decades as a pinnacle player in Britain’s media circuit. Armed with our diverse range of services, the Champions team have booked celebrities for countless personal appearances, brand endorsements and, of course, media arrangements like broadcast days.

Find out how to hire a celebrity and make your broadcast day a success below!

Market Research

Before you dive straight into the booking stage of the process, you must first think about what you want your broadcast day to achieve. Creating a strong foundation of understanding to build upon is key to generating an authentic relationship with viewers, as you must communicate your intention clearly. Do you want to promote your brand or product launch? Are you wanting to build your viewer base and increase your reach? Whatever the reason, the first step to booking a celebrity is market research.

What should my “hook” be?

Within modern media, story is everything. Audiences have the world at their fingertips, so your hook must be compelling enough to hold their attention. Think about what you want your broadcast day to achieve, then decide how you will reach out and connect with viewers; whether that be by eliciting emotion, providing an exciting update or exclusive knowledge. It is not enough to simply book a famous celebrity, your hook must convince audiences that you are worth their time.

How do I choose the perfect celebrity?

When hiring a celebrity, it can be tempting to choose the most famous, trendy or topical star out there. However, if that celebrity doesn’t relate to your story or brand, then audiences will find them unauthentic. It is better to choose a spokesperson that speaks to your target audience, whose personality perfectly encapsulates your brand. They may be witty or thought-provoking, inspiring or charismatic – whoever you choose, your celebrity must generate trust in your brand.

Background Research

Celebrities are in high-demand, so it is likely that they have already featured in a handful of broadcast days. Though this is common, if the media appearance was recent then it could spark unwanted competition and detract from your key message. The best, and easiest, way to background check your celebrity is through social media, where they are likely to have posted if they have recently worked with a competitor broadcast company.

Additionally, it is important to choose the perfect day for your celebrity to make an appearance. There are countless cultural celebrations or topical events throughout the year, making it essential to book your broadcast day carefully. Think about what current events are dominating the news, and how your promotional campaign can take advantage of the heightened interest. Similarly, if your broadcast day will fall on a specific celebration, like International Women’s Day, consider the potentially negative PR that it could draw.

Press Release

If audiences cannot prepare for the celebrity’s appearance, then they are likely to miss the event entirely. This is where press releases are essential for generating interest. Press releases are captivating news stories tailored to target media outlets, with the intention of drawing potential viewers to your broadcast day. The best way to organise a press release, is to contact a professional public relations specialist for a quote, who will then write and manage the process.

What should a press release include?

Who? Tell the world exactly who you are, including details about your brand.

What? Make sure to include clear details about what your broadcast day is about.

Where & When? Don’t forget the important details about your broadcast day, so people know when and how to tune in! Why? Finally, ensure that readers know why it is important to tune in.

Logistical Factors

When organising a broadcast day, it is not enough to focus solely on the interviews themselves. To ensure that the event runs as smoothly as possible, make sure not to book appearances too far apart from each other in terms of distance. Otherwise, you will spend more time trying to manage cross-country travel than enjoying your hard work.

How long does a broadcast day last for?

Broadcast days are commonly split into two separate options; either 8am to 1pm, or 12 pm to 5pm. Within those time frames, interviews are usually limited to 10 to 20 minutes, so to keep the content alive and snappy. When organising the day, factor in when will be the best time to reach audiences and how you want to structure the event.

Are broadcast days remote or in a studio?

Previously, broadcast days were limited to in-person interviews, restricting your options to local celebrities – unless you were willing to organise transport. Nowadays, however, the advent of streaming platforms have allowed event planners to book celebrities from all over the globe, with the help of Zoom, Google Hangout and Skype. Many broadcast companies are also willing to send equipment, like professional cameras and audio equipment, to ensure interviews’ quality.

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