Phil Tufnell Grosvenor Casino
Phil Tufnell X Grosvenor Casino

The Brief

To use a celebrity face to maximise the brand’s presence in roulette and help increase brand awareness.

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Phil Tufnell Taxi

The Delivery

We conducted a PR stunt with ex-England cricketer and A Question of Sport team captain Phil Tufnell. A popular television and sporting figure his fun and light-hearted personality made him perfect for the campaign. The stunt was called the world’s smallest casino and involved hiring a London taxi with a roulette table set up in the back. Driving around the city the taxi picked up members of the public inviting them to play against Phil.

The Outcome

Phil’s involvement with the campaign was extremely successful and saw a growth of 19% at the Grosvenor’s London venues with 321,000 visitors. EBITDA which measures a company’s performance also increased by 13% to 12 million in the first two quarters following the campaign. Social media engagement also increased from 17% to 37% with 41% of this coming from a new user base.

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